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Welcome to Anundshög


The Anundshög area and the Badelunda ridge are one of Sweden's foremost ancient sites.

´Anundshögen´ is Sweden's largest burial mound, created at some point between 500-1050 AD. The entire countryside was a cultural center for western Mälardalen region and one of the hubs of trade during this period.

You can explore Anundshög on your own throughout the year. In addition to the exciting ancient remains, it is also an area for fine nature experiences. Here you can take a walk, with or without audioguide, have a picnic or enjoy a Swedish fika at Café Anund. In summertime you can join guided tours in English.

Anundshögsområdet från ovan.

Explore Anundshög

Explore the area´s ancient remains, take part in events and guided tours, or walk along the nature and culture trail with an audio guide.

Även hundar är välkomna vid Anundshög, om de hålls kopplade. Foto: Antti Korhonen

Plan your visit

Opening times, how to get here, accessibility, where to eat and other useful information.

En av guiderna, klädd i röd klänning, bredvid runstenen en solig sommardag.

Contact and enquiries

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Marta Lindeberg, Mathias Bäck, Kristina Jonsson och Alexandra Sanmark vid utgrävningen av tingsplatsen vid Anundshög sommaren 2017. Foto: Bengt Wallén


Learn more about archaeology and the area´s rich history throughout the ages.