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Labyrinths are unusual ancient monuments which are most frequently found in coastal regions. In Västmanland there are two prehistoric labyrinths. Constructing a labyrinth needed extreme skill.

The labyrinth at Tibble

2,000-3,000 stones were laid in the right place so this labyrinth acquired its even and compact form.

Spring rites
We do not know why the labyrinth was built but we can guess that it is connected with various spring rites. There is a tradition that tells that a girl was placed in the middle of the labyrinth and a boy who made his way through to the middle of the labyrinth was supposed to free her. From later times we know that the boy was not allowed to touch the stones. If that happened someone else tried instead.

The labyrinth at Anundshög
On the grass area between Café Anund and Anundshög there is a small model of the maze at Tibble. Often popular for children to play by.

The labyrinth at Hässlö

On Badelunda ridge there is also a small labyrinth on the southern part of the ridge at Hässlö. This labyrinth is in many ways different from the one at Tibble in Badelunda. The Hässlö labyrinth is relatively small and simple. It lies on the edge of a large hollow made by an iceberg stranded on the ridge when the ice retreated.

Labyrinten vid Tibble.
En hund har hittat in till centrum av labyrinten vid Café Anund. Den är en mindre kopia av labyrinten vid Tibble. Foto: Antti Korhonen
Labyrint vid Hässlö.