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Welcome to Anundshög

During the Stone Age, around 2500 BC, people were already beginning to settle on the long ridge which had been formed when the inland ice retreated.

Trade routes and water courses met around Badelunda ridge and over the centuries the area became a cultural centre for the whole of the western Mälardalen region.

It was here people gathered for the Thing (district court), even as late as the Middle Ages.  It was here people sacrificed to their gods and later prayed to the new Christian god.  It was here the dead were buried, in large and impressive burial mounds or simple and insignificant graves along the side of the ridge down towards the water, according to power and position.

Its period of greatness lasted during the whole of the Iron Age, that is from around 500 BC to around 1050 AD, which is why today the Anundshög area is one of the largest and richest areas with prehistoric remains in Sweden.

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Opening hours

The area around Anundshög is always open! But please remember that people live nearby if you are here in the evening.